Unique drip tip from Juicetrap.co.uk

Disclaimer: Please note I purchased this drip tip with my own hard-earned money.  This reflects my true and honest opinion of the product. It is important to remember that the vaping experience is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup and e-liquid choice.

Unit:  Unique Drip Tip
Supplier: juicetrap.co.uk
Price: £14.00 + £1.00 P&P
Threading: Its a drip tip!
Battery Capacity: It’s a drip tip!
Unique Drip Tip from Juicetrap.co.uk

Unique Drip Tip from Juicetrap.co.uk

Not really a review per se… I mean how the hell do you actually review a drip tip? No, this post is really just an excuse to show off this tip that I bought yesterday from Ashdog (Richard) through one of the UK forums. It arrived in less than 24 hours in a nice velvet bag with a couple of spare o-rings and some info on cleaning. Richard turns and hand polishes (to a mirror finish, by the way!) each tip from a polyester blank and inserts a food grade aluminium 510 drip tip adapter that he also makes into the base of each one. The hand turning means that no two tips are the same, so if you like your vaping gear to be unique then his site is certainly worth a visit. The aluminium connector is a good thing too, I personally have broken 3 or 4 cherry vape drip tips by knocking over my mods and it is always at the point where the O-ring is attached that they snap off. This connector makes me feel a lot more comfortable about using non-metal drip tips again. The tip is quite large (about 35mm long maybe…) but it has a really nice tapered shape which is very comfortable to use. The internal bore is, according to their site, only 2.5mm in diameter. Clearly this means it cannot be used as a “dripping” tip, but since i never drip through my tips anyway, this is not an issue for me. When I spoke to Richard he did say that the narrow bore may change the flavour of my e-liquid and he was not kidding. It has markedly changed the flavour, but in a good way! The only way I can describe the change is that it seems to mellow out the harsher tones of my juice.

So all in all, I am well chuffed with it, I purposefully went for this particular tip as I hoped it would compliment my stick mod (I think it certainly does) but the range of colours and shapes available changes constantly. The price may seem a tad on the expensive side to some, but remember each one is made and finished by hand, so does reflect the hard work that goes into making them. As far as I am concerned these are artisan pieces and so are worth every penny.




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