Vapingjourney: normal service to be resumed…

So sometimes your digital life has to take a back seat to real life. Unfortunately (for the readers), this has been the case for my blog. Fortunately for me this was because of the birth of my son and relocating to the seaside in Southeast England! What this has meant is that there have been no new posts for a good long time… too long some might say, or not long enough, depending on your viewpoint! As it stands this blog contains what can only be classed as “mature” content. I intend to start generating new content on a more regular basis now, which will include a more varied set of topics. Vaping in the UK has been under fire from both EU and UK legislative bodies to such an extent that this is an area I feel the urge to write about. I have also started mixing my own e-liquids, so hope to share some of my experiences/mixes with interested readers. Plus I still buy, trade and sometimes even receive free gear so intend to keep reviewing things that pique my interest. If there are things you want me to write about then get involved and reply to a post!

An update on my vaping journey so far…

So what has been happening with my vaping gear since I last posted, well things have moved on leaps and bounds. I have worked my way through a number of devices and atomisers as I was well and truly bitten by the bug for finding the “perfect vape”. I have generally moved towards mechanical mods and silica based rebuildable atomisers as my gear of choice. However, I am not ashamed to say that I regularly use mass manufactured Chinese gear including Kanger EVODs, and vivi novas etc. In fact one of my favourite little kits to date has been a PCC kit from JacVapour (which I reviewed here). All of this kit has a place in vaping, and as far as I am concerned, if it stops you smoking and you are happy with it then who gives a shit what it is? But for the sake of continuity and to explain where I currently am I thought it useful to post what I have had, now have, and hope to get in the future.

Things I have had and have subsequently moved on

14500 Mini Cube by Siam mods
My Mini Cube & Penelope atomiser

My Mini Cube & Penelope atomiser

  • I bought this mod from the classifieds on one of the e-cig forums and was really happy with the quality of the device. Extremely well made, adjustable throw on switch and  an adjustable centre pin to allow atomisers to sit flush on the top, unique styling and high quality materials made this a beautiful mod to look at. Problem for me was that, for its size, it weighed a ton! Couple that with a really stiff switch (even with a soft spring fitted) I felt it just wasn’t right for me and traded it with the Penelope atomiser for my Orion v2.1.
Penelope atomiser from Golden Greek
  • This was my first foray into high-end vaping gear and, in retrospect, I really wish I had kept hold of this. A silica based tank atomiser that vaped like a dream, produced stonking great clouds of vapour, great flavour and a whacking throat hit. Why did I get rid, well I jumped on the genesis bandwagon and traded it as part of a package for the Orion v2.1, I wish I hadn’t as I have gone full circle back to silica atomisers and this one is now out of production. Ah well, onwards and upwards!
Mikrochip pipe and churchwarden stem

Mikrochip pipe and churchwarden stem

Mikrochip pipe by Mikrosoft

  • I had lusted after a pipe mod ever since I started vaping so when I came across these sealed pipes being made by Mikrosoft I knew I had to have one. I bought the pipe from Mike and ordered a ridiculously long churchwarden stem from epipemods. I loved the form factor, and the inherent chilled attitude that I got from chewing on the churchwarden, but the regulated 3.4 volts that the ego electronics put out left me a little short on hit, so I passed it on to another interested vaper. Mikrosoft does an nice line in turned wooden pipes now.
Orion v2.1
  • Having tried a couple of the cheaper genesis atomisers from the AGA range I thought that I should really try a decent genesis device. So, when offered this in a trade for the mini-cube and Penelope I jumped at the chance. A beautiful hybrid, with a top button and the ability to run in 18350 and 18650 modes this really did not disappoint. I found it surprisingly easy to wick and coil as I had read many posts in forums complaining about it being a device that would hot-spot a lot. But I didn’t find that to be the case. Using a well oxidised wick,  I generally only ever had an occasional hot spot near the centre post connection, which could be quickly remedied with some gentle persuasion using a toothpick. The reason I traded it on was that I just found it a real pain in the arse making wicks (time consuming, which is a problem when you have small children) and I could not deal with the fact that this, like all genesis devices, would leak when on its side. I want devices I can put it a pocket and not worry about creating awkward looking stains near my crotch! So it had to be moved on.

Things I currently own and use in rotation:

Stick mod 18650 (reviewed here)
  • I still own and love this mod, sadly it has had a hard short and so the spring has collapsed. I need to buy a soldering iron and get stuck in to repairing this, but with no previous experience I am a little hesitant. For now it makes a good atty holder and that’s about it!
Ethelking tin mod.
  • A mod made by Ethelking especially for me from a tin that used to house luxury Chinese cigarettes. I loved the irony of that tin! I still have this, but it rarely gets used as the metal is very thin and easily scratched.

Precise Plus 18650.
  • This is a veteran of the e-cig mod scene, but it has stood the test of time. Fantastically engineered, but it has some quirks. I will cover it in a later blog post.
Sturm v2 (14500/14650).
v2 Sturm mod in 14500 mode with a cheap & cheerful dripper

v2 Sturm mod in 14500 mode with a cheap & cheerful dripper

  • An awesome telescopic mod that has become a workhorse for me. It goes to work every day and has the battle scars to prove it. It has been dropped, bashed and generally abused, but still works every time. There is nothing I dislike about this mod and I will glorify it at some point in a future post.
  • I have now moved to almost exclusively using silica based atomisers with my main atty currently being the Kayfun v3.1 ES. I have also developed somewhat of an obsession with dripping and so have a range of cheap dripping atomisers which I will group test at some point in the future.

Stuff I am waiting on a list for:

The Pandora atomiser from Sturm
  • This is a genesis style atomiser, with a few interesting quirks, that has been designed and built specifically to marry with the Sturm mod and create a 14500/14650 genesis hybrid. It looks a thing of beauty as far as I am concerned and will be my one nod towards genesis atomisers in the foreseeable future.

A nice review by Chris (AKA Stalker on many of the Forums)

The Windrose by Magnetic Mods.
  • I happened to be online on one of the forums when this mod was announced and managed to get order one from the one-off run of 333 units. It is a 22mm tube mod with magnetic switch, air flow control and available in both brushed and polished brass or stainless steel. A nice looking bit of kit that should hopefully be with me soon!

The Windrose from Magnetic Mods

Stuff I would like to get my hands on:

Wow there is lots that I would like to try/buy and if I listed it all I would have created the world’s longest blog post. In short I love the look of many of the uber sexy elemental pipes from epipemods, the Ba Gua from Yellowkiss, the Kayfun Lite, GP Spheroid (I know every man and his dog has had one of these…), the Diver by Atmistique plus a number of dripping atomisers. I also currently have a fetish for finding beautiful looking drip tips (Like those of Siam Mods, VapeLab and Captivape). There’s plenty more things that I want to find, try and share my experience of with you guys reading this blog. Stay tuned..!


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