Redwood eliquids: Redwood Blend and Breakfast Blend

Disclaimer: Please note I purchased the Redwood Blend with my own hard earned cash, the Breakfast blend sample was received free of charge.  This review reflects my true and honest opinion. All of my e-liquid reviews are based on my use of a 900 mah eGo style passthrough battery and I am now using a VH510 rebuildable dripping atomiser, with a 2 ohm coil.  It is important to remember that the vaping experience for any e-liquid is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup.

Flavour:  Redwood Blend
Maker:  Easystreet
Nicotine Level: 24 mg
Base: 50/50 Blend PG/VG
Supplier: Redwood Blend
Size & Price: 30ml – £11.90
Juice type: Premium

Readers of this blog that frequent UK vaping forums such as Planet of the Vapes or UKVapers will be familiar with Alex (a.k.a. Easystreet) and his Redwood and Banana Blends. These two e-liquids have become firm favourites with many vapers so I was keen to try the Redwood Blend as I am always keen to find new e-liquids which will work as all day vapes. I ordered a 30ml bottle of for the very reasonable price of £11.90 including postage. In terms of speed of delivery I made a big mistake… I ordered a couple of days before the UK Vapefest which meant easystreet had completely run out of supplies by the time it came round to processing my order. As a result it was nearly a fortnight before I received the juice. Given my poor timing I’ll forgive him that fact!

The redwood blend comes in a CHIP compliant bottle with a tactile hazard symbol and nice thermal printed labels. My favourite touch is the warning label which reads ” Warning! Nicotine is a poison Use at your own risk. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Please this shit is serious. Don’t get too much liquid on your skin or in your mouth. Stay safe:)” A nice touch!

Redwood blend is a vanilla and tobacco flavour and smelling the juice the Vanilla is the dominant flavour that comes through. It is a sweet vanilla smell, almost creamy, very appealing…

Vaping this liquid, it produces a really nice “thick” vapour. It is a satisfying exhale and I find the vapour does linger a touch before dissipating, a result no doubt of the high VG content. Despite this high VG content, the e-liquid does have quite a throat hit. At 24mg I have upped my usual nicotine content, but even so in comparison to other 24mg juices I have this one is one of the strongest kicks, which makes me wonder whether Vodka has been used to dilute the VG a touch. This throat hit has actually meant that since I received this eliquid I have been using it as my work time vape – Psychologically it makes me feel that I am getting more of a hit each time I sneak off for a vape, so I find myself going longer between vape breaks.

Flavour wise, I find this eliquid is exactly as described by the creator (a dry, woody tobacco and vanilla combo). However, for me there is a sweet almost creamy vanilla as the dominant flavour on the inhale, followed by the dry tobacco on the exhale. The tobacco is difficult to describe but it is definately not sweet at all and has a real “earthy” tone – very pleasant. Nether flavour is overly powerful, but together they provide enough to keep the taste buds active all the time you vape it, making this eliquid a great choice for an all-day-vape. This is a really nice e-liquid, at a great price and I will be going back for more.

Flavour:  Breakfast Blend
Maker:  Easystreet
Nicotine Level: 18 mg
Base: 50/50 Blend PG/VG
Supplier: Redwood Blend
Size & Price: ??? Received a free sample
Juice type: Premium

Nestled in the envelope with my 30ml of Redwood blend was a small (5ml) bottle of orange coloured e-liquid. Hand labelled as “Breakfast Blend 18mg” I can only assume this is the latest addition to the Redwood range and will also be a 50/50 PG/VG blend. Given the name I assumed that this might be a coffee and tobacco blend. However, on opening the bottle the smell I immediately got was of custard?! Not something I immediately associate with breakfast…

Upon vaping, the true flavour really comes out to me. And it is not a coffee/tobacco blend. In fact I dont think it is has any coffee or tobacco in it whatsoever. For me this eliquid is an extremely realistic vanilla chai. A milky, vanilla spiced tea flavour, with the creamy sweet vanilla dominating the inhale (I guess where the custard smell comes from) and a spicy tea flavour on the exhale – I find this a delicious and extremely moreish vape. As with the redwood, the vapour production is great – thick satisfying clouds and despite the lower nicotine content than my bottle of redwood this has a good strong throat hit. As the name suggests this would make a great accompaniment to the morning cuppa, so I am really hoping this will become a fixture in the Redwood range as I will be buying plenty more!

My first introduction to the Redwood e-liquids and I am highly impressed. Great value, great flavour and really satisfying vapes. Both of these liquids are worthy of becoming all-day-vapes…




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