Got wood? The Stick from

Disclaimer: Please note I purchased this electronic cigarette with my own hard-earned money.  This reflects my true and honest opinion of the product. It is important to remember that the vaping experience is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup and e-liquid choice.

Unit:  The Stick (Rounded)
Price: $65.00 + P&P
Threading: 510
Battery Capacity: Will take protected 18650 mAh

So this is a review that is long overdue and long in words (sorry readers!). I have had this mod in my hands since early May. Usually leaving it this long to write a review about a product means, for me at least, that it will never get done. Often I put off writing reviews when something is mediocre or just plain crap. However, this is not the case here. This PV is just so good that it is rarely out of my hand. In fact, I realised today, having bought another mod last week, that I was consciously missing using this one (The other mod is going to be sold…). That is something I have never had before with any other e-cig I have tried.

A great looking wood mod

Unlike a lot of other vapers I am not overly enamored with shiny tube mods. Whilst they clearly are well made with a lot of attention to detail for me they lack that bit of character that really sets one miles apart from another. So, when I was looking to purchase my first big battery mod I started looking around for alternatives to stainless steel or aluminium tube designs. What caught my eye were a number of handmade wooden mods. The Touchwoods were one that I admired from afar, but the long waiting list (12 Weeks!) and no ability to personalise the mod made me keep searching.

That’s when I came across some awesome looking hand crafted wooden mods from I watched a couple of reviews on YouTube of their products and knew I wanted one. Paul and Patti at offer a range of made-to-order wooden mods that are highly customisable by the purchaser, meaning you really can have a one of a kind e-cig. For a small fee on top of the base price it is possible to choose from a range of ‘exotic’ woods from which to have your mod made, drip wells can be drilled into the mod and again, for an extra fee you can have a chrome button instead of the standard black plastic.

What caught my eye initially was a mod called the TWIG; a tube style mod taking an 18350 protected battery. I excitedly ordered one in two contrasting woods; Walnut  for the top and sides and Ambrosia Maple for the front and back. Next day though I had a pang of doubt, would an 18650  mod be better for me? So I shot an email to Paul and Patti and asked to change my order to a STICK (The wig’s bigger brother), which Patti responded to in double quick time saying not a problem. A few days later I received an email from Patti updating me on the progress in building my mod (with pictures – what a great touch!) and with a query about the drip well being slightly misaligned and would I like them to start over? This was not an issue for me so I told her thanks but no thanks, this puppy was mine so could they just get it in the post to me ASAP!  And ASAP it was – 23 days after ordering from the USA it landed on my doormat. Built and sent across the pond quicker than ordering a few cartomisers from certain chinese vendors – excellent!

My stick mod mid creation

So what is this like? Firstly and most importantly I was, and still am, blown away by the craftsmanship that is displayed in this mod. It is beautifully finished, both inside and out with an obvious eye for detail. The pieces of wood have been carefully chosen so that the darker pattern in the ambrosia maple aligns really nicely with the walnut sides. The firing button is a nice chunky affair, with a positive action it has worked every time, so no complaints there. Internal access is gained through the rear panel of the mod, which is held in place by two pairs of very strong rare earth magnets. These are powerful enough that vigorous shaking of the mod can’t knock this panel off with the battery inside. The internal woodwork is finished as smoothly as the exterior (something that is not always true of wooden mods) and care has even gone into the obviously careful placement of the wiring to the battery connectors.  The mod has been designed to take protected 18650 batteries, but will also fit AW IMR’s. I have been finding that a freshly charged 2000 mAh IMR will last me at least a day and a half in this mod.

Internal, top and base views of my Stick

The mod has a sealed 510 connector and this is mounted flush to the base of the drip well. I have had no problems with the connector whatsoever, but in retrospect if I was to order this again I would not have the drip well. I have found that the slight recessed connector that arises from the dripwell means that my Penelope atomiser won’t make a connection, without using a short 510-510 connection. Not a design flaw but a mistake on my part.

In the hand this mod feels great, the wood is warm to the touch, the rounded shape means it fits naturally in the hand and whilst bigger than many metal tube

The Stick and Penelope – a great combo

mods it still doesn’t feel overly large. It is also surprisingly light, it weighs far less than the stainless steel mini-cube that I recently purchased. I must admit though, that I do not use this mod out and about, primarily because I don’t want to draw attention to the fact I am vaping (hence the mini cube mod) and secondly because I would not want to lost this.

Beyond further waxing lyrical on the aesthetic qualities of this mod there is not much more that can be said. It is a no frills mod; battery, switch and connector ultimately. But sometimes that is all you want from vaping, no nonsense and no frills. Negatives? For me here are two, but… those are negatives that arose through my choices. The first is the drip well meaning a recessed connector and the second is the look (but not the functionality) of the button. A chrome button would have complemented the wood perfectly.

I love this mod so much that it definitely makes my all day vapes list and I can certainly see myself purchasing more mods from Patti and Paul at  Got wood? It better be from Ecigworkshop! If not, go get some!!

My go to mod of choice, definitely an all-day-vaper!


9 thoughts on “Got wood? The Stick from

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  2. I chose the Twig in square form, and also the black button. I love it. I don’t think I would have gone with the chrome button if it were available, the look is perfect. I got mine in Kingwood allover. I bought 3 additional batteries from another site and I had them waiting while I waited for it. I might have ordered at an opportune time, but I live in the states, and I got mine 14 days after ordering. Great review! I find that if I have 2 charged 18350’s with me, then I never have to worry about it, and I like the smaller size. I got the drip well as well, and I cut a couple slots away from the connection toward the corners as to allow airflow to my tanks as the tanks completely cover the well. For the craftsmanship involved and the attention to detail; I would have/have expected to pay upwards of a hundred bucks for it. Beautiful ecig, and I get compliments all the time form fellow vapers. Just lets people know that there still are real woodworkers out there who have a passion, and know how to cater to ours;)

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