Electronic Cigarette causes M6 Toll closure: a bad day for vapers?

Okay, so vaping made the national and international news feeds yesterday, but not for the reasons I would ever expect… Unbelievably, someone trying to stealth-vape on a ‘megabus’ coach on their way to London managed to cause a national security incident. According to the BBC news report another passenger on the bus said they had seen “vapour escaping from a bag”, which prompted an anti-terror response involving 17 police cars and vans, 13 fire engines, four ambulances and even the military at the southbound M6 Toll plaza in Staffordshire and the road was shut for hours causing headaches for many on the road yesterday.

Undoubtedly, the response was proportional to the proximity to 7/7 and the forthcoming Olympics, but the police ultimately concluded that no criminal offence has been committed and no passenger or any other member of the public was being treated as a suspect. Unfortunately though, I don’t think it it the sort of press that is going to help put vaping in a good light. Given the pressure being placed on government to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes in the UK by big pharmaceutical and tobacco companies – surely this just gives the government another reason to try and control their sale? Regulation can only mean one thing for the vaper on the street – price rises and reduced availability. I think someone needs to have a word with this vaper and explain what stealth vaping really is. However, I wouldn’t recommend the guy in the video below for the job. The owner of Totally Wicked using this as some free advertising…

Am I the only vaper that is content to restrain from vaping where smoking is not allowed? Could he really not have a vape for a few hours on the coach? And if he was going to vape then surely he should have done it in an open manner and explain what he was doing to other passengers, thereby avoiding a national security alert? Anyway at least this might help the general public realise that vapers they see on the streets are not smoking crack pipes or the like!




One thought on “Electronic Cigarette causes M6 Toll closure: a bad day for vapers?

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