My all-day-vapes of choice

I have realised that this site is going to become pretty cluttered with the range of e-liquids an bits of kit that I have been buying up and am shortly going to review. So, I thought that it might be a good idea to create a “sticky” post on the front page of the blog to help readers find those e-liquids  and vaping kit I am particularly impressed by. So much so in fact, that I would have no problem vaping with them all day every day. And so, I present to you: DocVape’s all day vapes! Any e-liquid or bit of kit I really enjoy will now be labelled as such and a link to my review placed on this page.

Hopefully this may be of use to you the reader. Let me know what you think about these too in the comments; am I way of in my flavours?; Are you hating any of the kit I recommended? Any suggestions for things I should try?



My current all-day-vape products:


The Stick from


BananaCake from Vapist’s Vapours.

Sweet Smarts from VaporHut

Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream from Pixie Juice

Redwood Blend and Breakfast Blend

Vaping Kit

The Vision eGo clearomizer


3 thoughts on “My all-day-vapes of choice

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