Intruiging new iDrink matic from Brother Union



A long overdue update from me but life has slightly taken over – my baby son was born a few weeks ago so I haven’t had the time to write anything. So a short entry today – but hopefully a really interesting one nonetheless


Ok they’ve got me… Brother Union, the Company that brought out the iDrink which I liked in my previous review have just released a new product, which has piqued my interest; the iDrink matic. Not a name I would pick, but the product itself looks really quite cool and if it performs as good as their previous e-cig it should be a little cracker:

According to the website this product uses cartomizers, rather than a bottom fed atomiser and has a 950  mAh battery which should give it great longevity. A starter kit is $79.99 USD plus postage and includes 5 cartomisers.

I have to say I really like the look of this thing – I can’t wait to see a review of it. For now though, you can see a sneak peek clip of it on their youtube channel.




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