An exceedingly good vape: Cherry Vapewell from Vapist’s Vapours

Disclaimer: Please note I received this e-liquid sample free of charge for the purpose of review.  However, this review still reflects my honest opinion. All of my e-liquid reviews are based on my use of a 900 mah eGo style passthrough battery and a 2.5-2.9 Ohm Vision eGo clearomizer (aka the Stardust). It is important to remember that the vaping experience for any e-liquid is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup.

Flavour:  Cherry Vapewell
Maker:  Vapist’s Vapours
Nicotine Level: 16 mg
Base: 50/50 PG/VG mix
SupplierVapist’s Vapours
Size & Price: 10ml – £4.50, 30ml – £12.00
Juice type: Premium

Okay it is official, I now associate bakery style vapes with just one name – Vapist’s Vapours. In my original order I purchased the Bananacake, which I loved along with a bottle of the Vanilla Fudge too (Another good vape for vanilla fans). The Bananacake was so good I re-ordered (this time a 30ml bottle!) and got an intriguing message from Vapist that my order had been shipped with an extra something for me to try. When the vapemail arrived I opened the package and found nestled alongside my new stock of Bananacake was a small sample bottle with the handwritten label “Cherry Vapewell”. Vapist has told me that this new flavour will be available to order from this weekend so I have had a sneak preview and suffice it to say, if you like cherries and you liked the bananacake you WILL like the Cherry Vapewell…

The pre-mix sample I received is, like his other flavours a 50/50 mix of PG/VG at 16mg strength. The bottle I received is not CHIP compliant in its labelling, however, as this was a small sample rather than a retail bottle I would not expect it to be. The liquid itself was a light straw colour and the smell when I opened the bottle was predominantly of the cake flavour that is also apparent in the bananacake liquid. Loading a clearomizer and vaping this liquid the first and most dominant flavour that hits you on the inhale is the cherries, but there is also a very slight hint of honey/caramelised sugar. On the exhale what becomes apparent is a slight almond taste and then the sponge cake that is also in the bananacake liquid. It really is a beautifully complex flavour, but you can still pick up all the elements. The only thing that I think could be boosted is the “cake” base itself, a bit more of that element would make this flavour a perfect mix to me.

As with the bananacake the vapour production was immense and the high VG content made it have a lot of “body” – I don’t recommend vaping these liquids in a car with the windows closed! Once again throat hit with this liquid is mild, but enough for a dessert style liquid.  You’ll notice that most of this review has been written in the past tense and that’s because the sample I received has all but gone! Once again Vapist has come up with an original and delicious cake flavour -top stuff, but for me Bananacake still wins out!

Too long; didn’t read

Once again a great cake vape from Vapist’s Vapours. An authentic Cherry Bakewell flavour with all the elements expected. If you are a fan of these exceedingly good cakes get an order in before it is all gone!


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