A nice pair of pink‘uns from Alba-Vapours: Pink Lemonade and Raspberrymallow v2.

Disclaimer: Please note I received these e-liquids free of charge for the purpose of review.  However, this review still reflects my honest opinion. All of my e-liquid reviews are based on my use of a 900 mah eGo style passthrough battery and a 2.5-2.9 Ohm Vision eGo clearomizer (aka the Stardust). It is important to remember that the vaping experience for any e-liquid is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup.

Flavours:  Pink Lemonade and Raspberrymallow
Maker:  Alba Vapours
Nicotine Level: 18 mg
Base: 70/30 PG/VG mix
Supplier: Alba Vapours
Size & Price: 10ml – £4.25 or 30ml – £9.25
Juice type: Premium

Lee from Alba Vapours recently contacted me following my last review of some of their fine e-liquids to ask if I would like to review one their new flavours. How could I refuse? So this represents my first review of e-liquids I received free of charge. However, I will point out that this review still reflect my honest opinion and is in no way influenced by this fact.

Pink Lemonade

So what did I get, well the new flavour Lee sent me was “Pink Lemonade”. I had assumed that this would be a raspberry lemonade flavour but upon opening the bottle I immediately got a citrus smell. Not necessarily lemon but something more akin to grapefruit. Since pink lemonade can be a number of varieties, including one with pink grapefruit I can only assume that is what this flavour represents.

So what is the vape like? After a couple of days in the steeping cupboard I filled up a vision eGo and gave it a vape. I am not sure what I was expecting but the flavour I got is definitely more citrus than anything. It is a combination of lemon on the inhale and grapefruit on the exhale. It is not as sweet as I expected it to be, nor is it in anyway reminiscent of sherbet flavours but it is pleasant to vape and has a bit of a cooling feel in the mouth (similar to when you vape a menthol). I think that this flavour is definitely something to vape during the middle of the day rather than first thing in the morning or of an evening in front of the telly. In terms of the duration, I am not sure it is something I could vape all day, but I do keep going back to it when sat at my desk during the day.

So what about vapour production? As with all e-liquids from Alba Vapours there is a good amount of vapour, which quickly dissipates, meaning no weather patterns above the desk in my office! The throat hit is once again surprisingly strong for a “sweet” liquid but that is okay by me.  All in all I think this a nice addition to the range at Alba Vapours. If you like your citrus flavours then definitely give this one a shot – it is a refreshing vape.

Too long: didn’t read

Clean tasting and light citrus flavour, mainly grapefruit.  Good throat hit for 18mg and lots of vapour production. A refreshing daytime vape.

Raspberrymallow V2

In addition to sending me the pink lemonade, Alba Vapours also very kindly included a bottle of their Raspberrymallow. Lee’s reasoning was that, based on my previous review and other comments received, he had upped the raspberry flavour concentration. So I thought that I should briefly revisit this one to say that this is definitely a job well done. This is a great flavour now. The raspberry is much more apparent to me and makes this a top drawer e-liquid for me. It is another one of these liquids that has that two-tone effect; marshmallow on the inhale and a much “brighter” raspberry flavour on the exhale.

Too long: didn’t read

Does what it says on the bottle: Raspberrymallow in all its glory. A great sweet all day vape now it has been “improved” with the extra raspberry

Once again the Alba Vapours  guys are building on their Alba Mist range, with good quality e-liquids at reasonable prices. Certainly worth investigating their range.




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