A couple of Mister-E-Liquids from Vapourhut: Green Van and Sweet Smarts

Disclaimer: Please note I purchased these e-liquids with my own hard earned cash.  As a result, this review reflects my honest opinion. All of my e-liquid reviews are based on my use of a 900 mah eGo style passthrough battery and a 2.5-2.9 Ohm Vision eGo clearomizer (aka the Stardust). It is important to remember that the vaping experience for any e-liquid is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup.

Flavours:  Green Van & Sweet SmartsVapour Hut Mister-E-Liquids
Maker:  Mister-E-Liquid
Nicotine Level: 18 mg
Base: 67/33 Mister-E-Liquid Custom Blend PG/VG
Supplier: Vapour Hut
Size & Price: 10ml – £4.99 (3 x 10 ml bottles for £3.99 each)
Juice type: Premium

These e-liquids were the first purchases I have made from Vapour Hut and I have to say I was really impressed with the service. I ordered these at around 10pm and received an email around midnight telling me my order had been processed and was about to be shipped. Posted next day and arrived with me the morning after, nothing to complain about there!. The Mister-E-Liquids are produced in the US and sold by arrangement with vapourhut here in the UK. At the moment the range available at vapourhut does not include all of those available direct from the US, nor are a range of nicotine levels or PG/VG ratios available. Thankfully for me I typically vape 18mg, so this was not a problem. In terms of packaging the bottles had toxic warnings and child safety caps, but lacked a tactile hazard sticker or an ingredients list.

So what are they like?

Green Van


The wintergreen bush

I was immediately tempted by the name and image for this liquid – what the hell is Green Van? Turns out the name is just taken

from its two flavours WinterGREEN and VANilla. Vapourhut’s description of this liquid is: “This is a smooth and flavorful vape.  Vanilla and Wintergreen mixed together brings forth the “Green Van”.  It tastes kind of like chewing gum“. Ok, so I knew I liked vanilla, but had no idea what wintergreen was. A quick search of wikipedia enlightened me; a North American shrub that’s berries and oil have a “minty” smell and flavour and are used in a wide range of foodstuffs and medicinal applications. Opening the bottle the main smell I got was of the vanilla, with a slight minty hint. So what is it actually like? Well if truth be told I have not really enjoyed vaping this one. As the website says this is a smooth and flavourful vape, it is a very ‘clean’ tasting liquid which certainly tastes of vanilla, but it is dominated by the wintergreen. The wintergreen to me is somewhat medicinal in smell and taste (it reminds me of the muscle rub I used to use when I played rugby…). Vapour production is great and there is a fair throat hit and I really want to like this juice as I can tell it is a quality product. I just can’t get on with the wintergreen flavour. If you know, and like wintergreen, then definitely give this a try.

Sweet Smarts

Fizzy, sherberty goodness!

So, this flavour was the one that made me hit the checkout button at vapourhut. Described as their  “take on the classic Refreshers candy” it is exactly what they say. The main smell you get on opening the bottle is the raspberry flavouring with a citrus hint. The vape? Well, like the green van, you can really tell that this is a high quality liquid, the flavours are really well-balanced, raspberry, lemon, lime and orange all present in just the right amounts. What is really nice is the sherbert like fizz that there seems to be in the taste too; it makes this e-liquid very moreish. The vapour production is really good, large amounts but it doesn’t linger like some e-liquids that are heavier on the VG in their mix. The throat hit is surprisingly strong too. I wonder if it is partly as a result of the citrus favours? This juice is surprisingly good as a daytime vape, it gives a good kick, has a pleasant smell (so you can vape it in the office with no complaints!) and lacks any kind of sweetness that could become sickly. I was impressed with this one and am likely to order more in the future.

So all in all, the Mister-E-Liquids at vapour hut seem a really good range of liquids the flavours are something different to the standard range of fruits or tobaccos that many vendors stock therefore worth a look. I do like the Sweet Smarts, but purely on a personal level the Green Van is not for me. However, I would be keen to try others in the range, particularly if the vendor looked at offering the same reduced pricing for bottles of different flavours as they do for multiple buys of the same liquid. It’s a mister-e why I didn’t try these sooner! (apologies – bad pun…)



Sweet smarts is definitely one of my all-day-vapes!


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