Beautiful Bananacake from Vapist’s Vapours

Disclaimer: Please note I purchased this e-liquid with my own hard earned cash. As a result, this review reflects my honest opinion. All of my e-liquid reviews are based on my use of a 900 mah eGo style passthrough battery and a 2.5-2.9 Ohm eGo Vision clearomizer (aka the Stardust). It is important to remember that the vaping experience for any e-liquid is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup.

:  BananaCake
Maker:  Vapist’s Vapours
Nicotine Level: 16 mg
Base: 50/50 PG/VG mix
SupplierVapist’s Vapours
Size & Price: 10ml – £4.50
Juice type: Premium

Vapist is an active member over at the UK Vapers forum (unlike me who has to date lurked in the shadows there!) who recently caused quite a kerfuffle when he started sending samples of his own eliquid mixes to other members. After a lot of rave reviews about some of his flavours were posted on the forum, he has decided to open his own web store selling to all and sundry. Two of his flavours grabbed my attention and so I stuck in an order for 10mls of Vanilla Fudge and 10mls of Banana Cake. At the time of ordering these were only available as premixed 10ml bottles at 16mg Nicotine and 50/50 mix of PG/VG. However, there will soon be a section within the store to personalize the mixes – altering nicotine content, PG/VG ratios and bottle size

Ordering was no problem and regular emails updating me with the progress of my order were received by me. The bottles were dispatched the same day and arrived first thing next morning. They were fully CHIP compliant and on a positive note include an ingredients list.  I have only vaped the Bananacake thus far so will save the vanilla fudge for a later review.

The liquid itself is a lovely golden amber colour and when you smell it the first thing that hits you is an intense Banana smell. I imagined that it would be a bit like those spongy banana sweets that you used to get in the pick-and-mix, but it actually smells like real ripe bananas. The cake is also present in the smell, kind of vanilla sponge, but it is mild in comparison to the banana.

What about the vape? Well as it is a 16mg liquid the throat hit is mild in comparison to my usual liquids. This is also probably due to the highVG content in the mix, which can also mute throat hit. However, this is not much of an issue for me as I generally am more interested in the flavor with sweet/dessert style liquids. The vapour production is vast again likely due to the high ratio of VG but it is also really dense vapour, which I really enjoy.

Finally what about the flavour? Well, this is where this liquid is outstanding. It truly tastes of real bananas on the inhale and onthe exhale you get the cake flavor coming through. The cake flavor is much more of a vanilla sponge flavor than I was expecting. Bananacake to me is more of a dense cane sugary type flavour to me. However, this cake flavour is still exceptionally nice. I was really pleased to find that this e-liquid does not become sickly no matter how much you seem to vape. I have gone through 5mls in less than 24 hours and just cant stop going back to it. I definitely will be ordering a 30ml bottle when they are available and to be honest I am not sure if I will bother upping the nicotine level. His mix is so good that I wouldn’t want to change it in any way!

In short get yourself a bottle and revel in the banana goodness!

Too long, didn’t read

A great e-lliquid that is true to its name. Real banana taste on the inhale and sponge cake flavour on the exhale. Loads of vapour, mild throat-hit and no sickly taste. An awesome juice and well worth a try.


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