The perfect e-cigarette starter kit?

Safercig's 900 mAh Bundle Pack

Safercig's 900 mAh Bundle Pack

One of the problems I faced when trying to buy my first e-cigarette was trying to make an educated choice on which model to choose. Foolishly, my main concern at the time was trying to find something that I thought would be relatively reminiscent of a real cigarette in terms of its appearance. At the time I thought it was important not to stand out from the crowd when vaping. So I bought a DSE 901 kit from Liberty Flights, which comprised 3 batteries,  atomisers and cartridges that needed filling with e-liquid. A few of things quickly made this kit annoying: poor battery life meant I was changing these around two to three times a day, the cartridges needed constant topping up with e-liquid and finally overfilling the cartridges would flood the atomiser/battery connection and lead to the automatic switch (normally activated when you inhaled) to get stuck on or off.

At the end of my tether, I bought a second starter kit, which was based on eGo style batteries that meant I was only rarely having to swap a battery before the end of the night. The recent discovery of the Vision eGo (a.k.a. Stardust or CE4+) clearomizer means I have also dealt with the problems of not having to constantly top up my e-liquid (I maybe refill once a day if I have vaped a lot) and so far no leaking issues. So an eGo battery and vision eGo clearomizer really is the most practical kit I would recommend to a person new to vaping – it just works.

However, everybody loves to play around with new toys so I would think that a bundle pack that has been put together by Safercigs could be the ideal starter kit as it includes; a Vision Ego, Biansi Imist, cartomisers, an echomiser and a BUD tank for the newcomer to try and work out what they personally like with an eGo battery. At a penny shy of £26 plus p+p it is a great value way to try out Vaping, but don’t forget to get some e-liquid! My only suggestion would be to think about adding a second battery if this was your only kit – there is nothing worse than running out of power and having to wait for the green light on your charger! Unfortunately this has only been available for a couple of days but has already gone out of stock! However, I would guess it will be back soon given its popularity…

Available from Safercigs
(Note I have no affiliation with this company – I just think this is a bloody good deal!)



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