Freedom Smoke USA Apple Pie – e-liquid just like granny used to make?

Disclaimer: Please note I purchased this e-liquid with my own hard earned cash. As a result, this review reflects my honest opinion. All of my e-liquid reviews are based on my use of a 900 mah eGo style passthrough battery and a 2.5-2.9 Ohm eGo Vision clearomizer (aka the Stardust). It is important to remember that the vaping experience for any e-liquid is subjective and will depend on the person and their PV setup.

Flavour:  Apple Pie    Freedom Smoke USA - Apple Pie
Maker:  Freedom Smoke USA
Nicotine Level: 18 mg
Base: 50/50 PG/VG mix
Supplier: EcigWizard
Size & Price: 10ml – £5.99
Juice type: Premium

Before I review the e-liquid itself I do think that EcigWizard should be commended. Not only does this vendor process orders extremely fast (ordered 7 pm Thursday evening, on my doormat 11 am on Saturday), but they also provide free UK shipping which is a rarity in the world of online shopping. My only comment would be that the e-liquid was dispatched loose in a padded envelope with an eGo battery that I also ordered. Thankfully the postie wasn’t overly zealous with the package otherwise there could have been one buggered battery!

On to the e-liquid itself. The bottle is a CHIP compliant 10ml dropper, with a well printed glossy label. On a personal note, I hate bottles with poor quality labels that become faded or smudged when e-liquid gets on to them. Not only is this annoying, if you have a number of small bottles from said vendor, visually identifying eliquids can become problematic
The liquid itself is a lovely amber colour and when it first arrived had a subtle but distinct baked apple smell, which was very appealing.

Unable to resist its lure, I did open it and vape about 0.5 ml straight away. At this point the juice was gorgeous, it had a very subtle apple taste with a buttery pastry taste on the exhale – delicious. The throat hit was pretty mild, but to be honest that is as I would expect from a “sweet” e-liquid. Importantly, the flavour at this point wasn’t sickly meaning I could have got through a fair chunk of the bottle within hours of it arriving, but I resisted and put it aside to mature. E-liquid connoisseurs will tell you that they should  be allowed to “steep” for a couple of days from when you first get them to allow the flavour to “develop”. Well I did just that. Sadly I wish I had not bothered. What started out as an apple pie taste has now turned into something more of a fake butter taste. Some of you may know what I mean when I talk about that butter in spraycans which Americans put on their popcorn. Yeah that is now what it tastes of, no apple at all anymore. After a half hour of this I have felt pretty queezy so this bottle will be relegated to the bag of “emergency e-liquids” maybe  a few weeks in there might restore some of its former glory…


March 14th 2012 Update:

I decided to go back to this juice tonight just to remind myself of it before I ordered another apple pie flavour to give a go. I am mighty glad I did – the flavour has gone back to actually being apple pie and is more intense than when I first opened the bottle. Leaving it to steep even longer seems to have really improved this e-liquid … it is now pretty bloody good! Weird…


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