The beginnings of my blogging and vaping journeys…

My former brand - hard to believe I was spending seven quid a day on these...

According to my NHS smokefree app it has been 166 days and 13 hours since I had my last cigarette. That is a statement I never thought I would say, a fortnight in I was climbing the walls, desperately being failed by my nicotine replacement therapy of choice – nicotine gum. But I had to stop smoking cigarettes… I had promised my wife. The day I stopped smoking cigarettes was the day she told me we were about to have our first child and I knew then I didn’t want to smoke around my soon to appear son. Couple that with the everyday stigmatism laid on smokers by our society and the ever increasing cost of a packet of fags (£7.20 when I stopped) and the pressure was on.

Unsurprisingly I failed to quit nicotine. But, I haven’t succumbed to the cigarettes or become addicted to nicotine gum. Rather than go down that route I have switched where I get my “fix”. Instead of smoking, I now rely what is known by those that use them as personal vaporisers (PV’s) and are commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. So I have failed to quit the nicotine, instead I have chosen an alternative which I believe is better for me and those around me, whilst hopefully saving a few quid in the long run. Rather than try and re-invent the wheel I would direct you to this good clear article explaining the finer points of PVs.

My current PV of choice - a vision eGo or CE4+ clearomizer (Also known as the “Stardust” by our American cousins) on an eGo 900 mAh passthrough battery.

Unbeknownst to me when I bought my first PV, there is a whole world of interesting, unusual, technical and just plain weird things that vapers are in to. This strange species is lured by shiny “mods”, constantly yearns for the elusive all-day-vape  and is even known to “squonk” on a 510 atty (I have yet to find out exactly what this is…).

In this blog I hope to document my journey through this minefield of jargon, hopefully providing some useful tidbits to the odd person new to vaping that might stumble across this page.

Until next time… happy vaping!



2 thoughts on “The beginnings of my blogging and vaping journeys…

  1. That was a good read. I’m very much in the same boat, my friend. I need to feel like I’m smoking, that gum and spray stuff really didn’t work for me. I’ve gone 7 weeks now without a cigarette. They already smell pretty disgusting, and I really don’t have cravings for a fag. Though, I NEED my 510 on me at all times! Thinking about changing to a different model, but it’s too damn confusing. Way too much choice out there.

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